Elle is always one of my favorite magazines to look to for amazing fashion photography inspiration! This issue featured three different shoots that are all equally stunning and influential in their own unique ways. This is the second post of the three that I am doing for this issue of Elle!

This spread is entitled “The Wild One” and features Amber Heard! She is the woman on the cover and this spread is really fun and really sophisticated! I love the elegant and feminine touch to this photo shoot. Photographer Liz Collins is one of my favorite photographers!

2. Liz Collins // The Wild One // http://www.lizcollins.co.uk

All of these images are what is considered “High Key” images, meaning that most of the tonal range is bring and very few shadows and darker tones. What I love about high key images are the feminine touch that are added to the photography. It adds a very surreal and delicate look. The images of Amber have this feel to them of simple beauty.

There is something so raw about these images that draw me to them. They are obviously retouched and improved from the “reality” of the model and the original photograph. However they still portray a very simple elegance in each of the images. The expression is very simple and the lighting is so light and soft. I love the stylist, it has a very naturalist feel to it.

As I search through Liz’s portfolio on her website, all of her editorial images have the same feel. They are very simple and lovely. They aren’t the most conventional images, but that is what makes them so unique. I love the way the images are cropped. It is completely against the rules of portraiture. I love the poses and the seemingly emotionless expression. They speak more emotion than anything else.

Inspirational is the word that I would use to describe these images. I find the first set of pictures to be my favorite, but I find this series to be more inspirational to me. They make me feel something powerful and feelings are what make a true photographer.

As always let me know what you think in the comments below! What do you love, what do you hate? I love you all and appreciate all your support!

This was the second of the three featurettes for Elle July 2015. Make sure to check out the first one and look our for the final featurette to be released! 🙂

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!