wanted to try something new this month! Rather than doing one big giant post about all of my favorite shoots from a fashion magazine I am going to do featurettes, or miniature posts each referencing one shoot from the magazine. This week I am going to be reviewing Marie Claire April 2015. There were SO MANY good shoots in this magazine, I am obsessed with it in every way!

This is the second of three posts about this issue of Marie Claire, make to here out the first post here. Now! Lets just jump right in! 🙂

Fashion Magazine Featurette: Marie Claire – April 2015 – 2 of 3

The second featurette includes a very standard type of fashion photography. The model is tall, blonde, and beautiful. She is wearing gorgeous funky clothing. And the setting is in a studio with a very neutral background. Those are sometimes my favorite ones though because all of the focus goes to the model and her style.

1. David Roemer // High Fidelity // http://www.roemerstudio.com

David Roemer is definitely a name that I had heard before in the fashion photography world. His work is absolutely stunning and he has been featured in every facet of fashion for years now. One of his sets on his portfolio includes an ad series for H&M back in Spring/Summer 2011 and I actually remember that spread. I have always been into H&M clothing and their photography is very crisp and simple. Here is a link to the series I was talking about: H&M Spring/Summer 2011.

Roemer’s bio on his website mentions something I find very true to his work.

David’s subjects have a dimension that can often be ironic or jarring, mixing retro and modern elements. With a strong attention to color and visually retaining a graphic sensibility, his images blend the fine line of natural texture and subtle perfection.

This shoot has so much depth to each image. There is care posing the model down to every single finger and toe. Every part of her body tells a story. There is movement, expression, intrigue, and even a throwback style that leave you wanting more. His images make you interested in what is being advertised, which is the goal of every fashion photographer.

My favorite thing about his images are his use of color saturation. There is this weird mix os sepia desaturation and color intensity. He finds a perfect mix of neutral and color in each one of his images, even in his black and white. In B&W photography color intensity is found in tonal range, which he executes flawlessly. I don’t know that I would ever replicate this specific style in my own work, but I do find it very affective.

As always let me know what you think in the comments below! What do you love, what do you hate? I love you all and appreciate all your support!

The next featurette will be in two days and is the last of the three! Don’t forget to check out the first of the three featurettes to see what else Marie Claire had to offer this month!

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!