Fashion Magazine Review: Vanity Fair – April 2015

follow Vanity Fair on Facebook and they post all kinds of articles, posts, pictures, and cool facts every day. They recently posted a video featuring the cover shoot for their April issue with Patrick Demarchelier. Demarchelier is an incredible fashion photographer and produces stunning work. Well, after seeing that video I just knew that I had to do a feature on the shoot as well! This post will be different than most FashMag Reviews, but it still technically counts!

To start things off with my personal opinion, I just want to say that I am obsessed with Robin Wright. She plays the most amazing character on Netflix’s show ‘House of Cards‘! This photo shoot was absolutely perfect for her and for her character. I just can’t get enough of these images and how well they portray this actress!

Before going any further I want to include the video that I watched! I watched this video and just had daydreams of being in New York City doing this exact same thing. I just CANNOT WAIT to be doing what I love in the City that has my heart!

1. Patrick Demarchelier // Beautiful Schemer //

The images featured in this spread are EXTREMELY simple and to be quite frank aren’t that “impressive” just looking at the images quickly. However, the reason that I am SO obsessed with the photography is just how perfectly they portray the model. It is so hard as a photographer to not only shoot a good picture of a model but then to capture the essence of who the person is also in the image. Too often in fashion photography the model is merely an object with no purpose other than to be a breathing hanger for clothes and accessories. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for every style of image, but this spread really speaks to me on this connection to the actress.

Out of all the images featured in this spread of Demarchelier’s the cover photo is by far my favorite! Something about her walking through two gorgeous colored doors with her hand on the door handle and the bright light behind her just screams Robin! I have looked through Demarchelier’s portfolio so many times just looking for inspiration and nudges in the right direction. He can do it all. He is a true artist in every sense of the world and I look up to him and his work so much.

As always let me know what you think in the comments below! I love you all and appreciate all your support!

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!