Here is another blog post from Institute Magazine! I am obsessed with these images! Institute Magazine is one of my most favorite blogs to follow because they always feature so many amazing photographers and pieces of work.

This post is titles “Somewhere”. Now frankly I have no idea why this post is titled that, but I do think the concept is amazing. The idea is so simple. One model, simple clothes, in a studio, sitting on a stool. There is nothing complicated or overly extravagant in this shoot but yet I still love it. First of all, the lighting is amazing. It plays off of her skin perfectly and the make up was done so well. It highlights her beautifully and the contouring is impeccable.

The reason that this photo shoot stands out to me so much is because of the model. I mean first of all she is gorgeous, but she plays up the clothing so well. The stylist on this shoot did an amazing job piecing together outfits that made the model look flawless. The model’s posing though is what really stands out in my opinion. Her face seems like her mind is “somewhere else”. Maybe that’s why they named it somewhere, haha. But she poses simply, efficiently, and it is so unique.

have noticed lately in my own work that people rarely appreciate fashion photography for what it is. Things are supposed to be weird. Things are supposed to look different and out of the norm. Fashion is innovative, new, and creative. If we just snapped pictures of pretty people then we aren’t really doing our job in any way.

Please let me know what you think of these images in the comments below! I know not everyone has the same taste in photography, so it would be fun to see what everyone else thinks!

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!




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