Retouch Review: Fashion Actions – FashionSkin Pro

For this Retouch Review I chose to review a different approach to retouching! When I think of retouching portraits in Photoshop I usually think about all of the crazy amounts of filters and brushes and other tools that are required. However, this website,, sells a bunch of simple actions to give quality fashion looks to your photos. There are still complicated combinations of filters and brushes involved, yes, but they are all conveniently bundled and processed into an action for you.

I will be honest, I was a little apprehensive to take this approach because I feel that every photograph is so individual and I don’t really enjoy standardized editing. That is just kind of the nature of the game with tutorials though, there will always be a standardized way to edit and it is up to you as the photographer to find the look you want for each photo.


1. First you purchase the action, which grants you access to the download.

2. Next you must install the action into your photoshop program.

3. Third it is important to watch the tutorial provided by the website how to use the action.

4. Finally run the action and follow the tutorial.


Currently the action costs $24.99, but the site features sales occasionally on their products.


When I first purchased the action, I immediately was given access to the download. The folder that downloads contains 4 files including the photoshop action. I have a mac so a simple double click on the file installed the action in to my actions folder of Photoshop. The actions are grouped under the title “FashionActions | FashionSkinsPro” and include actions for beauty shots, full body shots, and other situations as well.

For this review I chose to pick the “Skin | Beauty Portrait 16bit” action. I had a head shot from of one of my model test shoots and thought I would just do a quick run through of the action to see how it felt. This wasn’t any sort of high end image, just a simple unedited head shot where I could really tell the before and after look of the image.


As you can tell the image was very “raw” without any special lighting, hair or make up. So I then watched the tutorial associated with this action and started the editing process! The first step is just to paint in the face, or the area that will be affected by the action. Very straight forward and simple by just painting white in a low opacity over the mask. This will slightly soften the skin, not super noticeable though.

The next step is to merge the layer down and use the Mixer Brush tool. With this you just simple paint with a low opacity over the skin to smooth out the skin tone and create a more consistent and “beautiful” looking softness. I actually really liked this step. It is going to take come getting used to because it can easily make the human look like a mannequin. Regardless, it done an amazing job of cleaning up the skin tone.

Finally the last step is to remove all the left over blemishes on the face with the details layer and the healing brush tool. This is a very standard editing step and just further smoothed out the skin.



I really like the texture of the skin in the finished product and how smooth and beautiful it makes the models face look. I did this in under 30 minutes which is amazing that I was able to get this beautiful of a result so quickly. Remember that this is the beauty action, and I don’t know how much they differ from each other, but this definitely gives a very beautiful look to the model. This purchase I feel is well worth it. When I need a gorgeous look quickly I will definitely use this action every time. It allows me to produce high quality work really fast.

One thing that I do want to caution a little is that this can VERY EASILY be used to over edit your image. Because it is such a high scale smoothing feature, the skin will go from beautiful to fake very fast! This action requires you to really pay attention to opacity and flow percentages. I ended up painting with a very low flow percentage and then even took down the opacity a little to bring back some of the natural texture and lighting.


Again this is a great tool for any photography looking to make beautiful edits with their portraits. Click here to purchase the action for only $24.99 and if you do let me know what your thoughts are on it in the comments below!

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!