Fashion Magazine Review: Vogue – February 2015

For this week’s FashMag Review I am going to do something a little bit different. I subscribe to all of the different fashion magazines on my iPad as well as the physical versions. Normally I look through the magazines, find the names of the photographers they use and then just do research on the photographer. Well this week, and probably from now on, I plan on pulling the images from the magazine that were used and discussing the actual shoot that was featured in the magazine. This way I get to talk about current work from these photographers rather than just the images they post on their sites. Enjoy!

The first week of February is almost over and I am more than excited to share this weeks magazine with you guys. I chose the Vogue February 2015 issue for today! Vogue is basically the leader in fashion photography and fashion in general. I realized that I hadn’t reviewed a Vogue before, which was pretty surprising. I hope you will all enjoy these spreads as much as I did!


1. Patrick Demarchelier // High & Mighty //

This spread features Kendall Jenner shot by Patrick Demarchelier. Kendall has had a spread in Vogue for the last few issues of Vogue and I am not complaining. She came out of no where within the last 6 months and has been exploding all over the fashion world! This photo shoot spread features bold and edgy pants. One thing that I appreciate so much about the spreads with Kendall is how comfortable she is in front of the camera. Having a model with confidence makes all the difference in the finished product.

Usually I have only seen Kendall in the studio sporting clothes that make a bold statement. With this spread they actually mixed both worlds by taking images in the studio as well as on the streets. I love the lighting and the clean lines presented in the images. Kendall poses very rigidly in this spread. You see straight lines and sharp triangles with her body lines. It is different and more masculine, but somehow draws me in even further.

am almost never disappointed by Patrick’s work. He images are technically perfect and visually appealing all at the same time. You can see his skill and also his voice as you look through his work. I feel that I have mentioned this before, but Patrick is someone I would use to show exactly what I think Fashion Photography really is. His work is my definition of fashion photography.

2. Mario Testino // Heat Wave //

Mario Testino is a name I am very familiar with. He works with Conde Nast magazines regularly. This shoot was just another quality piece of work from such a fantastic photographer.

This spread features both a male and female model who are equal focal points of the image. This is a very unique and interesting characteristic of this shoot and I am in love with it. There is appeal to both genders as well as realistic portrayals of a “couple”.

From what I can tell, most of the lighting seems to come from just the sun and no other external light source. I find working with the sun in these types of shoots is really fun, however it really only seems to work with beach-esque style images. I have seen it work with other genres, but it looks best with the beachy feel.

These images are so beautifully portrayed and show such a diverse talent from Mario. He takes images indoors, outdoors, on the beach, and with beautiful scenery. Yet in each image you can see that it clearly shows his own voice and style. There is nothing more beautiful than human intimacy and beautiful clothing!

3. Mikael Jansson // The New New York City //

This was by FAR my favorite spread in this months issue of Vogue! However I am a little biased because I am OBSESSED with New York City. The spread features Mikael, who I have reviewed before, as well as his model who I have seen so many times in other shoots. She has very distinct hair and facial features!

All of the images are taken in the City, mostly on construction sites. The shoot features bold colors and saturated environments. My favorite types of photographs are always images with high color saturation.

Mikael has a great way of posing his models in environments that add to the photo. It would be so easy to shoot in these busy locations with a lot of distractions and lose the model in the process. However, in each image it only adds to the mood of the piece. The poses are stunning, the body language is perfect, and the feel of the image is consistent.

don’t have much more to say other than I love this spread. I love the colors, the feel, and the environment in which it takes place. The model is beautiful. Her movement, posing, and posture is perfect. I see these images and I want to emulate them in my own work exactly.

That is all that I have for today’s post! I hope you guy’s enjoyed the images! Make sure to check out the February issue of Vogue for more of these stunning images. I did not feature every photographer, just my top three.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions for future posts! If you want me to review a specific magazine please tell me! I would love to review issues that you want to see!

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!