FashMag Review: Elle – January 2015

This week I have chosen to review Elle. I have not yet reviewed an Elle magazine on this blog but I regularly look through it for inspiration and amazing photographs!

Elle magazine always have so many inspiring photographs in it. What I appreciated is that they featured a couple of regulars as well as a couple of new faces in this issue. I chose four photographers to review this week!


1. Paola Kudacki // http://www.paolakudacki.com // NYC, LA, & London Fashion Photographer

Paola Kudacki is a name that I have seen before featured in Elle magazines. His shoots are always my favorite images to look at. In my opinion he has a beautiful way of creating extremely sharp, high contract images, that pull you in and leave you wanting so much more.

High contrast images are my favorite to shoot because they can be so mysterious and really fun to actually shoot. There is a level of deeper intrigue with high contrast images. You are able to play more with the clothes and setting the tone of the shoot, both of which Kudacki does very well.

One thing that I really look for while researching other fashion photographers is how loud their voice is in their photography. It is so easy for someone to just take a pretty picture or to find a pretty person and take a nice portrait. But true fashion photography is something that involves seeking out these beautiful people and then taking it one step further by creating a beautiful outfit or a beautiful environment to capture the viewer. Your images are supposed to make the viewer stop on your picture and leave them wanting more.

2. Liz Collins // http://www.lizcollins.co.uk // London & NYC Fashion Photographer

Liz Collins had the largest photo spread of this month’s issue of Elle and is a name I am familiar with from this magazine. Her style is very specific and almost a little weird. One thing about fashion photography is that you have the freedom to think outside of the box, use obscure body types and poses, and create “weird” things in a beautiful way. That is something that Collins does well and that I admire so much.

Sadly Liz only had about three or four different photo shoots on display on her website and so I wasn’t able to find a very large pool of work. However, as I said before, her images are all very different and edgy. They aren’t the typical pretty model with perfect hair and make up that we see so often. They take feminine beauty and portray it is a peculiar way that still contains high fashion. Her ability to set up and execute a perfectly exposed and well-lit image is obvious and very inspiring. I look forward to continuing to see more from her.

3. David Bellemere // http://thomastreuhaft.com // USA & UK Fashion Photographer

David Bellemere was a name that I did not recognize, but when I started looking through his work I knew that I recognized it. Often I will google search for “fashion photography” or for “fashion photographers” to try to find inspiration and also fresh faces in the industry. David was one of those photographers I found through one of those searches. I will often find images I like and then same them to a folder in my iPad so I have a quick references of all of my favorite inspiring images. I had actually saved a few of his images to that folder.

I don’t really have a better way of saying this but all of the images in his portfolio have this almost musky haze to them. They are all perfectly lit and impeccably styled, but in his coloring and post processing he has this faint haze over his images that make them visually interesting. Again, I love photographs that are different and stand out. His images show the clothes and styling just as well as any other photographer, but it is unique. His work is very inspiring and fun to draw from when planning my own work.

1. Laurie Bartley // http://www.lauriebartley.com // UK Fashion Photographer

Laurie Bartley was another photographer that I had not heard of before or seen her work. However her shoot in the magazine was definitely my favorite. It was a feature on New York City  fashion. Her images are beautiful and so well done. There is so much depth in her photographs. By depth I mean color depth, texture amount, saturation, content, emotional connection, and so much more. I see her work and want to create the exact type of imagery.

More and more I am drawn to images that have interesting color pallets and high contrast lighting. I find the use of light and shadow to be so artistic and appealing to my eye. Each of us needs to have our own voice when it comes to photography, that is how we stand out above the rest and truly create something unique. Photographers like Bartley remind me of what I am passionate about and helps me realize what my voice really is.

That is all I have for this FashMag review! Elle is a fantastic magazine to refer to for inspiration and ideas. I have yet to open a fashion magazine and not be inspired by what I see. If I can give any advice it is to keep your mind open to new and different techniques. Allow strange and weird imagery aid in finding your own voice. True success in photography comes from creativity and inspiration.

If you have any suggestions for the next issue that I should review please leave me a comment! And as always, let me know your thoughts in the comments. I would love to know which photographer you liked the most from the issue!

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!