Top 5 Fashion Photography Instagrams of 2015

One of the biggest and most useful social media platforms is Instagram.  For photographers, this is a gold mine for advertising and gaining social presence in the world.  Instagram is a social media platform of just images and videos and has gained quite the following over the years.  There are even “Instabloggers” now, which is fashion and lifestyle bloggers who use only Instagram and don’t even bother with complicated websites.

In the world of Fashion Photography, Instagram is the perfect place for professionals to mingle, interact, and advertise their work.  I follow hundreds of Instagram accounts of purely photographers, make up artists, stylists, and fashion bloggers.  It is a source of inspiration and collaboration.

2014 was a big year for Instagram and the number of accounts increased significantly.  There are thousands and tens of thousands of professionals all sharing their work on this one app.  Going into 2015, I have compiled a list of my top 5 favorite accounts to keep an eye on in this new year.  I  look to these accounts for inspiration for my own work and am never disappointed!  Not to say there are not way more or plenty of other amazing accounts dedicated to this topic, but these are my favorite going into this new year!

Top 5 Instagrams to Follow in 2015

5. Melissa Rodwell (@melissarodwell)

Melissa Rodwell’s photography has been on one of my top lists before, and her Instagram is no exception to that!  All of Melissa’s work is very clean and edgy. I see her name all over the internet and her work all over the fashion industry and I can see why. She has an incredible ability to draw you in with her images and leave you wanting more.

I am amazed by all of the images that she has produced over 2014. As you look through her Instagram account you will continually see images of her best work and even just images of her being a human. She is someone who we can all relate to and still look up to for her abilities as well.

I would highly recommend to any fashion photography enthusiast to follow her account. You will be continually inspired and challenged to a new level!

4. Tom Schirmacher (@tomschirmacher)

I found out about Tom Schirmacher through a recent issue of GQ magazine. Tom shot GQ’s Style Fall & Winter 2014 issue and I was extremely impressed with the quality of his images in the magazine. This then lead me to research into his work more by visiting his other websites and social media platforms.

There is just something so clean and tasteful about his work. Tom is one of those photographers who if someone asked me what “fashion photography” was I would send them to his portfolio. He captures the essence of the clothing just as well as the person wearing the clothing. His composition is impeccable and his ability to work with lighting is masterful.

Going through his Instagram I was able to see how much he really has been able to accomplish over 2014 and I am very excited to keep my eye on him for 2015. I know that he will continue producing quality inspiring photographs.

3. The Fashionography curated by Alexei Key (@thefashionography)

Just as the name says, this account (and accompanying website), is fully dedicated to Fashion Photography of every kind. I try to avoid just regular accounts of people’s favorite images because they tend to be lower quality images and lower quality work. The Fashionography, however, is a very well-known and well-respected blog.

Their Instagram account is full of glamorous beautiful images. They feature images from popular fashion magazines, famous models, and others in the fashion industry. It really is a mecca for beautiful and inspiring fashion photography.

They have posted many many amazing images over the year and also post multiple times a day. I am in love with their content from 2014 and look forward to what else will be featured in 2015.

2. Emily Soto (@emilysoto)

Emily Soto is another photographer who I have mentioned previously in this blog. Her work is absolutely stunning. Out of all of the other fashion photographers I follow on Instagram, she is easily the most consistent and engaging account.

What is there not to love about her work?! I will admit, much of Emily’s work is very similar. But at the same time that is what I love about her photography so much. Emily has a niche. She has a specific style and she executes that style impeccably.

2014 has been an extremely busy year for Emily. As she has traveled all over the world this year she has kept a photo record of that on her Instagram! She shared her life along with her work, which is something very personal and important for every photographer.

I am obsessed with Emily’s work and I honestly can’t wait to see what else she produces and where else her travels will take her in 2015!

1. W Magazine (@wmag)

My number one Fashion Photography Instagram account to follow for 2015 is W Magazine!  W Magazine is one of my absolute favorite fashion magazines to read and to look in for inspiration. Their Instagram account features many of the covers, photographs, and people who contribute to this amazing magazine.

All of the photography contained in the Instagram is absolutely stunning and always on point. I chose this account as my number one because of the quality of work that is shared with the followers. W Magazine is a very big magazine (in size and quality) and because it has so many resources to pull from, the photography is always just stunning.

W Magazine has provided quality content for many years and will continue to produce magnificent images in 2015.

So that is my top 5 list of Instagram accounts to follow for great fashion photography! I would love to know what all of you think of not only the accounts I mentioned but also which Instagram accounts are your favorite to follow! Leave comments below!

All photographs comes from these Instagram accounts and are not my own images in any way, all credit goes to the respective accounts and photographers.

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!