Retouch Review: RetutPro – Basic Beauty Retouch 101

Another one of my endless hobbies associated with photography, as I have talked about before, is portrait retouching using Adobe Photoshop.  I have watched many many YouTube videos and purchased many tutorials on how to properly retouch an image “professionally”.  It is really hard to tell what is useful and what isn’t when it comes to retouching.  And to be honest, there are so many ways to do the exact same thing using Photoshop so it really is just personal preference and the look that you are going for.

What I search for mostly in retouching reviews are different tools that Photoshop has to offer in regards to retouching.  I don’t really like copying a specific set of actions or steps to create a look because that doesn’t really feel like my image anymore, I am just copying someone else.  That is why I have created a way of learning from tutorials and videos, but still keeping my style fresh and alive in my images.

I want to share couple of tips from me to you for photo retouching.

First, when you watch the tutorial or read the steps, read/watch over everything all the way through first without following along or taking notes.  This gets you a good idea of the workflow that the photographer you are learning from uses.  It also helps you see all of the steps without getting distracted by note taking.

Second, the second time that you watch through the tutorial take really good and specific notes on what the retoucher is doing to the image.  I have a little notebook that I keep with me that I take pages of notes in.  I usually take upwards of 6-8 pages of notes per tutorial.  But as I am taking notes I am constantly pausing and writing down more than I think that I need.  Also, I NEVER try to follow along editing my own image while I watch.  I find this really distracting and get a little flustered trying to flip back and forth and remember what they said and did.  I usually end up having to restart like 5 times just to get through it, so I avoid that.

Third, lastly I take that notebook of notes and try editing the provided image they gave me, or I will use one of my own images and follow the steps exactly to see what happens.  If I need to re-view the tutorial then I will go ahead and watch or read back, but I usually take good enough notes that I don’t have to do that.

This process is something that I follow constantly when looking at new tutorials.  I usually watch tutorials rather than read them, but this process works for either type.

Now on to today’s post!  I recently purchased a Beauty Retouching tutorial from a website called, RetutPro.  I first found out about this site through YouTube.  They have tons of free tutorials on YouTube that are very basic, but still very useful.  If you are serious about retouching, then you will need to purchase one of their “Pro Tutorials.”

This tutorial was called Basic Beauty Retouch 101 and can be found here.  Something great about this tutorial is that I found out today that it is actually on sale!  I don’t know for how long, but at the moment it is only $19, I would recommend purchasing this tutorial immediately, and I will explain more about why below.

For this specific tutorial I was EXTREMELY grateful for the purchase and very pleased with the results.  They give you a Raw file to practice on, an already worked PSD file, 7 videos totally 90 minutes, as well as a little bit on how they shot the practice image.

Over the course of the 90 minutes of video I took over 6 pages of notes on techniques and tools that would help me become a better retoucher.  I really like the look of beauty retouching and it is a lot of fun to play with in Photoshop.  They go very in-depth about specific sequences of filters and layer masks to help create the perfect beauty image.  Below is the result of what I was able to accomplish after following the tutorial, before on left, after on right. (The same before and after images can be found on the website, here.)

The tutorial was very easy to follow and understand.  I never had to go back through and try to figure out what was being taught.  I would genuinely suggest this tutorial to ANYONE who is looking to begin retouching high-end beauty images, or even to learn useful tools for retouching any portrait.  All of the tools that are taught can be toned down for a more subtle retouching or even toned up for an even more exaggerated beauty look.

As I mentioned before, the tutorial is on sale for $19 and is normally $25 so this is a great opportunity to get some professional training on portrait retouching!

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!


DISCLAIMER: All images are from the RetutPro website and are not my own. I am not affiliated with RetutPro at all, I am just sharing my personal experience with the tutorial.

SIDE NOTE: There is something that you all need to understand.  There are different types of retouching.  There is portrait retouching, beauty retouching, fashion retouching, and general retouching.  (Well at least for this blog’s genre, those are the only types.)  Portrait Retouching is when you retouch a portrait for a client, something that is very minimal in shaping, blemish removal, and skin coloring.  Beauty Retouching is one of the higher end retouching.  This is where you essentially want to make a person look perfect by reshaping their face/body, and making skin look flawless.  Fashion Retouching can be a combination of the first two, or basically anything you want.  You can add crazy colors, blurs, textures, or anything you can think of.  Fashion retouching is very free from stereotypes of expectations.  General Retouching is as the name implies, just overall fixes and corrections to your digital files.  THIS TUTORIAL WAS BEAUTY, SO MAKING THINGS LOOK PERFECT.  Just so you are aware!