FashMag Review: Marie Claire – Nov 2014

Something that I am going to start doing on this blog is to review Fashion Magazines!  We all know and love fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Faire, Marie Claire and others!  However, what I love most about these magazines is that they feature a handful of professional Fashion Photographers in each issue.

For months I have been buying these magazines and stalking all of the photographers.  I would cut out their spreads from the magazine, clue them into my inspiration book, and then find their website and portfolios and save that information for future studying.  So I figure, rather than going through all of that extra work with scissors and glue, why not just include a little review on the magazine here on my blog!  I want to try to do them at least twice a month, or every week if I can!

This weeks FashMag Review comes from Marie Claire, the November 2014 issue!

Marie Claire isn’t one of my favorite fashion magazines to be honest, but some of my favorite photographers have been found in Marie Claire issues.  (I know, that makes no sense…)  This definitely isn’t really my “go-to” magazine for inspiration, but when I have exhausted my other resources I always fall back on good ol’ Marie!

This month I was able to spot out six different photographers that were featured in the issue!  Now I kind of skim the magazines pretty fast, because I really just want to get to the fashion spreads, so I may have missed a photographer and if you notice that I did, please let me know!  The photographers I found were okay.  I wasn’t really wowed by any of them.  And to be honest, some of them were just downright weird.  However, there is always something to be learned from everyone!

Without further stalling I will go ahead and jump into this weeks photographers:


1. Dan Monick // http://dmonick.com // NYC Fashion Photographer

Dan Monick is not a name that I had really heard of before to be honest.  I went through all of my records and wasn’t able to find anything that he had done in the past.  Looking through his portfolio I didn’t really see anything that gave me to editorial/fashion feel.  To be honest, I didn’t really like much of his work.  It all looked a little “dirty” and grungy, which is not really my style at all.

His photography is not terrible by any means, it just wasn’t really anything that floated my boat.  There was only one spread that I enjoyed of his, which was the bottom right image.  He did a series with that model that looked awesome.  But his artwork is unique and that is respectable.  He has found a way to stand out and to still be successful.

2. Emman Montalvan // http://www.emmanmontalvan.com/ // LA Fashion Photographer

Again, Emman is a name I had not heard of before.  Apparently Emman was born and raised in the Philippines and then moved to LA to pursue a career in Fashion Photography.  I was very mixed about Emman’s style.  In some aspects I really enjoyed it, because each image has a very vintage/film look to it.  But on the other hand, I feel like the whole vintage fad is kind of getting old.  So I was torn.

One thing I really enjoy about Emman’s photography style is the incredible use of natural light in all of the images.  There are always really exaggerated sun spots and perfectly exposed hard lighting.  Emman has the ability to manipulate the environment presented in each of the photo shoots.  Hard light is always something that I struggle with, so I highly respect photographers who use it well.

3. Bruna Kazinoti // http://www.brunakazinoti.com/ // Croatian Fashion Photographer

Brune Kazinoti reminds me a lot of Dan Monick in the sense that a lot of the images seem to be kind of dirty and grungy.  Her style is very alternative.  I didn’t find a whole lot of images in her portfolio that really stood out to me, but again, she has found a very specific niche in her photography which is what makes her work appealing.

All of Bruna’s images seem to be very muted in color palette and high key in lighting.  One thing that I do really appreciate about her artwork is that it is very raw.  Fashion Photography is notorious for being highly retouched and “unnatural” whereas all of Bruna’s work seems to just be very raw and real and what you see is what you get. (Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against strong retouching, but a bit of change is always nice.)

4. Michael Thompson // http://www.jedroot.com/photographers/michael-thompson // NYC Fashion Photographer

Michael is a photographer who is impossible to find.  I couldn’t find a website that was just his with his work on it.  I could only find his bio and examples on other sites featuring him, such as the one I included, Jedroot.  I wasn’t able to find anything else from him in my stash though.

For being so off of the grid I find his work all very inspiring!  His lighting style, at least from what I found on Jedroot, feels very old school in my opinion.  His backgrounds as well feel very old-fashioned.  One of my favorite things about Michael is his ability to pose his models so uniquely.  His images feel so elegant and beautiful, even if the lighting and backgrounds feel sub par.

5. David Schulze // http://www.davidschulze.com // Fashion Photographer

David Schulze is a name I have seen many times before in magazines, especially Marie Claire magazine.  I am honestly in love with his photography.  It is so trendy and colorful and smooth.  Something about David’s work just pulls me in and makes me stare at his images wanting to know everything about it.

One of the ways I love to describe David’s work is “clean”.  All of the examples that I chose are all very rich in color and texture, but have such a clean and crisp feel to them.  David has a very strong and modern style to his work and has the ability to completely light his subjects in the most flattering ways.  I am obsessed with photography that has high amounts of detail and texture in the skin and the models, something that David Schulze is able to accomplish so well.

6. Martin Lidell // http://www.martinlidell.com // NYC Fashion Photographer

The last of the bunch for this months issue of November 2014 is Martin Lidell.  His work is awesome, but to be honest, he seems much like a lot of other photographers that I have seen in the industry.  There is this trend right now to shoot images with high contrast and almost a vintage feel to them.  Lidell does this very well.

All of his images are very nice, but to be honest I am not really blown away by his images.  Everyone has a different style and taste and for me this isn’t really my preference.  But I can appreciate that he executes his style really well.  I especially love the beach image in the upper right.  There is so much color and vibrance and yet the model is able to be perfectly exposed.  It is just a very well done image in my opinion.

That is everything for this weeks FashMag!  I hope you guys enjoyed the post and please go and visit the websites posted here for more examples of their work!  I would love to know if you all agree or disagree with my thoughts and why!

If you have any suggestions for the next issue that I should review please leave me a comment!

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!