5 Most Influential Fashion Photographers

I have spent many hours studying and searching out photographers who’s work speaks to me.  I have compiled a list of the 5 most influential fashion photographers that I have found and why they are so inspiring to me.  Everyone has their own voice, and what I find inspiring may not be inspiring to you.  However I feel that beauty and inspiration can be found in almost anything as long as we are looking for it!

5 Influential Fashion Photographers

5. Melissa Rodwell

Melissa Rodwell is a NYC based Fashion Photographer.  She is also the founder of FashionPhotographyBlog.

Melissa Rodwell has such a strong ability to create beautiful images with such varied backgrounds and scenes. One thing I have noticed from her is that all of her work seems so unique in location and background choice.  She can take a concept and execute it perfectly wherever she is or even create the best fitting theme for the model and clothing.  What inspires me about Melissa is her ability to adapt to her surroundings.

She can be found at, http://www.melissarodwell.com/

4. Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is a NYC based Fashion and Celebrity Photographer.  She has been featured in various magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Annie Leibovitz is everywhere these days!  It seems like every issue of Vogue that I pick up features a piece of work from Annie.  She has been around a long time and yet has been able to continue producing amazing quality work.  Annie has a very classic, almost elegant, style of photographing that makes her stand out among the rest.  She is able to capture a moment and add drama and intrigue into the image.  What I find inspiring about Annie is her ability to adapt a classic style into an ever changing and progressing industry.

Annie Leibovitz can be found at, http://www.vogue.com/tag/photographer/annie-leibovitz/

3. Lara Jade

Lara Jade is a NYC based Fashion Photographer from England.  She is also the author of Fashion Photography 101.


Lara Jade is in general just a HUGE inspiration for me.  She has tutorials all over the internet on how to work with models and produce high quality fashion images.  Creative Live is one of her main sources and where I originally found her.  She has also written a book which is extremely useful and easy to read.  She has such a soft, yet powerful style to her work.  All of her most recent work is very “light” but always leaves a very strong impression on me.  Overall Lara is a woman who is very motivated and she accomplishes her goals.  She moved from England and was able to build up credibility very quickly.  She is successful and amazing at what she does.

Lara Jade can be found at, http://larajade.co.uk

2. Emily Soto

Emily Soto is a NYC based Fashion Photographer.  She uses both digital and film in her work.


I fell in love with Emily Soto’s work as I was searching through fashion photographers on google.  She has such a unique and amazing style to her photography.  She uses both digital cameras as well as film cameras to produce her images.  However, even her digital photography still has an element of film within it.  I would describe her artwork as very dreamy and beautiful.  She inspires me because she has created a unique and strong portfolio that stands well above the rest of her competition.

Emily Soto can be found at, http://www.emilysoto.com

1. Anna Breda

Anna Breda is a Northern Italy based Fashion and Beauty Photographer.  She is also currently my MOST inspirational fashion Photographer!

Anna Breda.  This woman’s imagery is the MOST INSPIRING collection of work that I have ever seen.  I first saw her work in a Fashion Magazine about 6 months ago.  The first image in the collection, the white woman, is the image that I fell in love with.  Anna’s use of color, saturation, and emotions tie everything together for me in ALL of her work.  I am completely blown away by each and every image that she produces.  She alone motivates me to become a fashion photographer and produce beautiful images.

She taught me that photography is more than just a pretty face and some good clothes.  Her artwork speaks to me in a deeper way.  It engages me and pulls me into the story and feel of the shoot.  I find myself wanting to know more and wanting to see more.  I am always sad when I finish seeing her work, because I could literally look at it forever and not get bored.  What inspires me most about Anna Breda is her incredible ability to evoke so much passion and emotion into her images.

Anna Breda can be found at, http://www.annabreda.it

Well that is all I have for this post. I would love to know how you would rank these 5 fashion photographers, if you find them inspiring or even if you find their work dull and boring.  Everyone has different passions and motivators in life, so lets share in those together!

Until next time, live you dreams and may passion never die.